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SAP Fiori Launchpad Roles and Authorizations

Frontend server: Administrator: SAP Fiori launchpad Designer Z_SAP_UI2_ADMIN_700 (Role) R3TR IWSG ZINTEROP_0001 (Menu Authorization default) R3TR IWSG ZPAGE_BUILDER_PERS_0001 (Menu Authorization default) R3TR IWSG ZPAGE_BUILDER_CONF_0001 (Menu Authorization default) R3TR IWSG ZPAGE_BUILDER_CUST_0001 (Menu Authorization default) R3TR IWSG ZTRANSPORT_0001 (Menu Authorization default) /IWFND/RT_ADMIN (Authorization Template) Add authorization objects listed in the Authorizations – SAP NetWeaver User Interface Services – SAP Library. Runtime User: …

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SAP Web Dispatcher

1. What is Web Dispatcher? The SAP Web Dispatcher is an application-level gateway (proxy) for HTTP requests to an SAP Web Application Server. The SAP Web Dispatcher is used as a software Web switch between the Internet and an SAP System. The SAP Web Dispatcher consists of one or more Web Application Servers. As a result, you have only one …

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