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What is the importance of SYS_BIC, SYS_REPO, SYS_BI

A schema is just like a database folder. The relavant tabels are going to group together according to the particular schema definition. There are 3 types of schemas: User Defined Schema System Defined Schema SLT Derived Schema User Defined Schema is created by user (DBA or System Administrator) System Defined Schema Where all the list of tables views going to …

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HANA Log Volume is full

Symptom The logvolume is full and the database doesn’t accept any new requests. Other Terms HANA, in-Memory, logvolume, full, no requests Reason and Prerequisites The log volume is full and the database does not respond or start anymore Solution 1. Stop the database: HDB stop 2. Change into the folder mnt00001 of the logvolume (Default: /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log): cd /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log/mnt00001 3. You …

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SAP HANA 403 Forbidden when accessing ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)

I am using SYSTEM login, which is no doubt the most “SAP_ALL” figures in SAP HANA Database. Unfortunately, without proper authorization you will see 403 – Forbidden just like the picture above. The problem starts when i access SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management like picture below   Then I got this response   Then I added these roles: sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Display …

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SAP HANA Installation on the SandBox System for Educational Purpose

  Preparing system for SAP HANA installation Choosing hostname There are restrictions that apply to host names in SAP systems, see “SAP Note 611361 – Hostnames of SAP servers“. Basic rule as per this note: Maximum length of the hostname: up to 13 characters for SAP rel. 4.6 or higher In our case the hostname is “webserver“. Prepare the required …

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SAP HANA Platform TCP/IP Ports

  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) ports list of SAP HANA platform SAP HANA SQL/MDX Access Name Service in /etc/services Default Range  Rule External Fixed Comments indexserver 30015 30015 – 39915 3NN15 Yes SQL/MDX access port for standard database access. Access to these ports must be enabled for all database clients, for example, applications, application servers, end-user clients, and SAP …

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