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SAP Security Reports: Authorizations, Roles & Users

When we working on SAP tasks (implementation tasks, daily, weekly, mounthly operation tasks etc.), we have encounter the topic of Authorization, Roles & Users very often. SAP has provided a set comprehensive reports to help us on this. Under the User Information System (TCODE: SUIM), you can find a comprehensive reports as below can be used. Reports RSUSR000 : Currently …

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Determining the Number of Work Processes

Procedure The context change for processes on Windows is more time-consuming compared to UNIX. Therefore, the recommended number of work processes is smaller than in UNIX systems. On Windows, the number of work processes is calculated according to the number of processor cores in the system and not according to the number of users. For more information, see the following …

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SAP Web Dispatcher

1. What is Web Dispatcher? The SAP Web Dispatcher is an application-level gateway (proxy) for HTTP requests to an SAP Web Application Server. The SAP Web Dispatcher is used as a software Web switch between the Internet and an SAP System. The SAP Web Dispatcher consists of one or more Web Application Servers. As a result, you have only one …

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SQL Server 2012 Configuration Parameters for SAP Systems

The configuration of a SQL Server database consists of these areas: Startup parameters Startup parameters are the optional arguments of the executable sqlservr.exe. They are read from the registry, when starting SQL Server as a service. You can modify the startup parameters by using the SQL Server Configuration Manager. The most common startup parameter is “-T” which allows to set …

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