Sunday , 30 April 2017

SAP RSUSR Transaction Codes

RSUSR200 List of Users per Login Date
RSUSR003 Check standard user passwords
RSUSR000 Currently Active Users
RSUSR007 List Users
RSUSR200_PWDCHG180 Unchanged for 180 Days
RSUSR002_AUDIT_OSCL Users who can call OS commands
RSUSR002_AUDIT_ABAP Users with ABAP Authorization
RSUSR002_AUDIT_CTS Users who can use CTS
RSUSR002_AUDIT_RFC Users who can execute RFC functions
RSUSR002_AUDIT_UAP Update Accounting Periods
RSUSR002_AUDIT_UCA Update Chart of Accounts
RSUSR002_AUDIT_UCC Update Company Codes
RSUSR200_INITPASS Users with Initial Password
RSUSR200_UNUSED30 Not Logged On for 30 Days
SU99 Call report RSUSR008
SU98 Call Report RSUSR008



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