Table of Contents

Content Server Install Guide
Check Content Server is running
Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP
Make the Connection to SAP
Appendix A ‐ How to Add IIS in Windows Server 2008
Appendix B ‐ Opening Windows 2008 Server Firewall for SAP Content Server
Appendix C ‐SAP Notes


• Server running Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 OS
• Java for launching SAP installation Manager
• Web Server IIS with IIS 6 Compatibility Management (see Appendix A on how to install Web Server IIS)
• SAP DVD Serial numbers 50098620 & 51038620 (installation master
• Download the following files from SAP marketplace (found in software downloads in the latest Net Weaver Package download.) 50098620_2, 50098620_3 and the relevant installation master e.g. for Windows 2008 server on X64 51038620_12.


Content Server Install Guide

1. Using 51038620 select correct folder for hardware in use on the server in this example we are installing on e.g. IM_WINDOWS_X86_64.

sap-content-server-installation- (1)


2. In the folder find and launch sapinst.exe.

sap-content-server-installation- (2)


3. Select ‘SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package…’, then ‘Standalone Engines’, then ‘Content Server’, lastly ‘Content Server and / or Cache Server’ as shown below.

sap-content-server-installation- (3)


4. Click on the highlighted ‘Next’ button as shown below

sap-content-server-installation- (4)


5. Click on the highlighted ‘Browse’ button.

sap-content-server-installation- (5)


6. Locate the file LABEL.ASC on the 50098620_2 download or DVD and click OK.

sap-content-server-installation- (6)


7. Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue

sap-content-server-installation- (7)


8. De‐select Cache Server and select Database Instance and select ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (8)


9. Review and modify, if required, the installation settings and select ‘Next’

sap-content-server-installation- (9)


10. Click on the browse button.

sap-content-server-installation- (10)


11. Locate the file SDBINST.EXE on the 50098620_3 download or DVD in the corresponding directory for the operating system and type and click ‘OK’.

sap-content-server-installation- (11)


12. Once selected click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (12)


13. You will be prompted to enter the passwords for the user accounts ‘superdba’ and ‘control’. Please make a note of what these passwords are as you will need them later.

sap-content-server-installation- (13)


14. database installation parameters and click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (14)


15. database log volumes, this is where the log files will be stored, and click on ‘Next’ .

sap-content-server-installation- (15)


16. storage parameters for the database, amending the storage location if required, click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (16)


17. and amend previous entries before starting the installation. Click ‘Next’ to start the install.

sap-content-server-installation- (17)


18. The Installation process will start with the progress shown on the screen.

sap-content-server-installation- (18)


19. When complete a message will appear telling you it was successful. Select ‘OK’ to finish.

sap-content-server-installation- (19)