Fiori Launchpad displays no tiles: reset CHIP cache

2029333 – Fiori Launchpad displays no tiles: reset CHIP cache

The Fiori Launchpad remais empty, even though the roles of the current user contain Fiori Launchpad Groups. If you take a HTTP trace, you can see a request with an URL containing


The response of this request contains odata-entities of type ‘Chip’. The property ‘url’ of these entities is empty. The nesting path of the entities is PageSets/Pages/PageChipInstances/Chip.

Reason and Prerequisites
The server side cache containing the chip data has become out of sync with the original storage.


  • Please also appy SAP Note 1961957.
  • On the Fiori frontend server in the client used by the Fiori client, please run the ABAP reports /UI2/DELETE_CACHE and /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE using the default options. Alternatively, please apply the corrections contained in this note or install UI AddOn 1.0 SP10.
  • If the problem persists, please follow the instructions contained in SAP Note 1942166.




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