Wednesday , 24 May 2017

Solution Manager

How Is The Health Of Your SAP Solution Manager BI Content?

Symptoms : Duplication on BI loads I always thought that extractors has some programing logic behind and it works perfect, ofcourse it has some programing logic, but the input for the logic is editable ( like start and end periods), This is what happened in our case, On Friday while testing CCLM, Mistakenly I changed the extractor periods to 1 …

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SAP Solution Manager 7.1 E2E BI Housekeeping

SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics End-To-End Analysis    

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SAP MaxDB Installation on Windows and Linux

For installing or uninstalling the SAP MaxDB software in SAP systems please refer to the following information (login required): SAP Note 767598 Note: The following description only applies to SAP MaxDB as a standalone database or when used for developing your own applications using the SAP MaxDB interfaces. You can download the SAP MaxDB Community edition from the …

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How to reset SAP buffers

SAP Buffers can be reset with below commands : /$SYNC – Resets the buffers of the application server /$CUA – Resets the CUA buffer of the application server /$TAB – Resets the TABLE buffers of the application server /$NAM – Resets the nametab buffer of the application server /$DYNP – Resets the screen buffer of the application server /$ESM – …

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How to set FQDN and IP address for Host in LMDB

Ususally this value is automatically returned by Outside Discovery process, however in some cases these values are blank like below and we also encounter warnings in Managed System wizard -> Check Configuration as “No FQDN found in Host”     Now for Solution Manager 7.1 (SP04 and higher) please follow below steps to set the FQDN and IP address Step …

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Adobe Document Services Configuration in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SPS10

Open SAP Netweaver Administration page via http://Host:5XX00/NWA Navigate to “Deploy and Change”

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