Windows 10

Windows command-line utility for list largest files

Windows command-line utility for list largest files exceeding specific size in sub-directories [crayon-592ba8c3b2b25058883758/] Previous command will scan D:\ and its sub-directories, look for all files whose last modified dates are greater than “21-FEB-2016” and whose sizes are greater than or equal to 200MB, then print their details. forfiles is included on Windows Servers. If you don’t have on your Windows …

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10 Great New Features in Windows 10

The current build of the new OS is Windows Technical Preview 9841 and is currently at a very early stage. Previously codenamed Threshold, there is currently no Internet Explorer or consumer features like a media player. 1. There’s loads of stuff for touch, but it’s different stuff Designed to appeal to experts and novices alike, Microsoft was at pains to …

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