Sunday , 30 April 2017

STM32 Discovery Projects

PDO – Personal Digital Oscilloscope

PDO Series oscilloscopes, the function of the digital oscilloscope using the advantages of the PC are designed with the aim to offer reasonable costs. It is capable of meeting the expectations of the designer with many features. PDO – Personal Digital Oscilloscope is available in two models; PDO-50 and PDO-100.                     Options: …

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Programming STM32 USART using GCC tools: Part 2

In previous part of tutorial we have covered simple USART routines that sends data directly to USART peripheral. This is OK to use such approach when project isn’t time critical and processing resources are far from limits. But most often we stuck with these limiting factors especially when RTOS is used or when we perform critical real time data processing. And having …

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Programming STM32 USART using GCC tools: Part 1

When we need some feedback from microcontroller usually we use USART. It allows to output messages, debug information to terminal screen. Also data can be sent to MCU same way. For this purpose STM32 microcontrollers have more than one USART interface allowing to have multiple streams of data output and input.   USART interface is designed to be very versatile …

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STM32 interrupts and programming with GCC

Probably one of the key features in any microcontroller is interrupt system. ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers may have up to 256 interrupts sources. First 15 interrupt sources are called system exceptions. These exceptions rise within Cortex core like reset, NMI, hard fault and error, debug and SystTick timer interrupt. In the exception table they start from address 0×00000004 and are numbered …

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