Wednesday , 24 May 2017

JTAG Debugger

PDO – Personal Digital Oscilloscope

PDO Series oscilloscopes, the function of the digital oscilloscope using the advantages of the PC are designed with the aim to offer reasonable costs. It is capable of meeting the expectations of the designer with many features. PDO – Personal Digital Oscilloscope is available in two models; PDO-50 and PDO-100.                     Options: …

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This post describes the steps needed to make NGX’s USB ARM JTAG to work with OpenOCD in windows 7. This JTAG is compatible with colink JTAG and works with IAR Workbench and Keil uVision. To use with these IDEs there is a well defined methods/plug-ins available in the product page and in internet. However to use this JTAG with OpenOCD there is scarce resource in the internet. OpenOCD can be used …

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