Sunday , 30 April 2017


Firefox 4 not supported by Web Dynpro

Firefox 4 show ” Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro! ” message on SAP Portal page. This problem can be solved by installing User Agent Switcher extension to Firefox.

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How to Stop “plugin-container.exe” Process in Firefox 4.0.x?

Firefox browser is running slow? Too many processes when you use Firefox? If yes, you may need to get rid of Firefox plugin-container.exe process. You can easily do that by following my step by step guide to How to Stop “plugin-container.exe” Process in Firefox 3.6.x? Still no luck? Probably you are using Firefox 4. In that case, you need to …

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How to Stop “plugin-container.exe” Process in Firefox 3.6.x?

Firefox 3.6.6 making browsing slow on your computer? If yes, it may be due to plugin-container.exe, which was added in recent version of Firefox to prevent browser crash. New version of Firefox web browser loads certain plugins in a separate process to provide you uninterrupted browsing even when certain plugins stops working. But the problem is, plugin-container.exe may use a …

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