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Difference Between 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k Logical Page Size in SAP ASE

The main difference between a 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K page size is the amount of data stored on it. The larger the page, the more rows you can pack on it. This in turn translates into more rows brought into memory with each disk I/O. If you are migrating from a larger page size to a lower page size, it typically means you did not research the topic, started with a large page size, and are wasting memory with each I/O, bringing more rows into memory than you are using. Typically large page sizes benefit DSS (Decision Support System) applications,...

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How to reset the selected output format for ALV

If ‘Always use selected format’ is checked, then when doing export of ALV List or ALV Grid, it will always be exported with fixed format, no popup for selecting new format. 1) In ALV list, you can enter the function code &RESET_EXCEL in the command field to reset the default setting. This can be done easily by enduser self. For administrator, can execute program SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN via SE38 tcode to delete the default entry. 2) In ALV grid, for end user themselves, can reset it as below: Right click in ALV grid -> Select ‘speadsheet’ context menu -> close the popup of selecting...

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SAP HANA Basic Structure

SAP HANA Database is Main-Memory centric data management platform. SAP HANA Database runs on SUSE Linux Enterprises Server and builds on C++ Language. SAP HANA Database can be distributed to multiple machines. SAP HANA Advantages are as mentioned below: SAP HANA is useful as it’s very fast due to all data loaded in-Memory and no need to load data from disk. SAP HANA can be used for the purpose of OLAP (On-line analytic) and OLTP (On-Line Transaction) on a single database. SAP HANA Database consists of a set of in-memory processing engines. Calculation engine is main in-memory Processing engines...

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